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I tried making granny Squares and I got hooked to the idea and designs. Making granny Squares are very easy and relaxing.

Best thing I found about granny Squares is that these project do not need much yarn of a specific colour, it’s basically about using scrap yarns.

In the beginning I tried small Squares like these in the picture below and I loved it so much that I planned to make a blanket out of these.

A Blanket?? Out of these small squares?? How is it possible?

Well, either you can go on increasing the rounds, or my preferable way !! Just make as many squares as you want in diferent colors and patterns and join’em.

Granny square projects have many possibilities !! Make them into pouches, bags, purses, cushion covers, blankets, shawls and so much more.

For more Granny square patterns, ideas and designs, check out my Pinterest board.

I saw this very very beautiful Granny square design on Facebook in one of the groups….I was amazed at the design and gave it a try.

Picture courtesy Melanie

This particular design is named “Tropical Delight” and it is designed by Susan Stevens. There are tonnes of colors, and pictures on pinterest for this design.

Check out more colors of Tropical delight design here.

The very easy to follow tutorial and FREE PATTERN is available here on the YouTube channel by the name It’s all in a nutshell crochet

But this is not a beginners project, some level of experience is required.

For my beginner crochet project ideas, check out this page.

Can be used to keep important knick knacks safely in handbag
It has a big button and loop for closure

Items required:

Hook: 3.4 mm hook

Yarn: A mix of scrap yarns

First, we have to make a flower like shown below (An easy to follow tutorial here), then make it into a big square and fold to make a pouch, voila !!! Easy peasy 🙂

Here, I have used the same colored yarn as the outer color i.e. green colored yarn to fold and join the edges. Also made a loop of around 14 stitches for closing the pouch using a cute yellow button.

Have you tried Crochet? Have you ever made a granny square? I would love to know about your thoughts and ideas, Do let me know in the comments section.

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