Review Time for a Meat and Seafood delivery service this time. Review for Licious serving in Pune.

Licious is the name my friends. Licious app and Licious website

We started using the licious service since last two months. They provide chicken, mutton and sea food. This service is new here in this part of Pune. Available in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Noida, Faridabad and Delhi as well.

So many times it happens that we are in a mood for non-veg delicacies but we don’t have the time or mood to venture out and get these cuts (especially in this Monsoon season).

And if you are having guests at your place, there’s already so much to do……Well here is an app!!!! Along with all types of chicken, mutton and Sea-food, Licious is providing Kebabs, ready-to-cook starters of chicken, fish and even prawns (which can be prepared in your-choice-of-healthy-oil) and some very delicious spreads.

licious products collage

So let’s start:

What they Claim:

My question no. 1: How is the chicken better than other vendors? The chicken is devoid of antibiotics and growth promoting hormones . 2. Is the Meat Halal? Yes. Licious meat is Halal certified. 3. How does Licious maintain the meat’s freshness? From procurement to delivery, we have a stringent and robust cold chain in place, which holds our products between 1⁰-4⁰ Celsius. This ensures that the meat is always fresh till it reaches you. So their FAQ section is quiet good. Please check it out.

Why Licious?

licious homepage
Licious homepage

What they offer:

  1. Chicken – Curry cuts, keema, boneless, drumsticks, tenders, lollypops, soup bones, leg piece etc
  2. Lamb & Goat – curry cut, keema, ribs & chops, leg steaks, liver, shanks etc
  3. Fish & Seafood- wide range of steaks and fillets, Blue crab, atlantic salmon
  4. Ready to cook – chicken starters, fish starters, prawns etc
  5. Cold cuts – chicken Salami, chicken sausages
  6. Ready-to-eat Spreads: 6 types of Chicken spreads and 2 types of prawn spreads
  7. Kebabs – Shami kebabs, Seekh kebabs, Galouti kebabs

There’s a huge variety of products and the best thing?? There’s an app that is very easy to use and order all their awesome stuff. Within 3 hours, they deliver and in very sturdy and good boxes. I liked the Ready-to-cook section a lot, they have given all the details from the ingredient list to the 4 types of Cooking methods that can be used i.e. On the Hob method, Oven method, Grill method and Microwave method with the Time required in each and the method they suggest, also, the garnish suggestions. These small details are very important and helpful.

The boxes have sketches of their customers as well. How I wish to see my own sketch too 😀

Licious Packaging

Price: Slightly on the costlier side.

My Experience:

App: Easy to use app, all the details are present. Interface is good. Beautiful photos of the products. Most of the payment options available. The only thing I didn’t like is the minimum order for waving of the delivery charge is 699/- which is too high. Some products are always shown as sold out.

Packaging: Very good packaging. The products come in individual vacuum packed bags in sturdy cardboard boxes. The individual packets had all the information regarding what’s in it and the temperature required, price, weight, shelf life etc. Most of the product packaging i liked. Only the chicken Salami packaging was not good. At a time, we prefer to eat 3-4 pieces but after keeping the bag in refrigerator, all the pieces got stuck to each other and I didn’t want to thaw the whole bag and refreeze it. I really wish they could have wrapped a single salami in individual wraps like we get in cheese slices.

I will be doing an unboxing video soon 🙂

Pepper chicken salami

Taste of the Products we ordered:

1. Goat Mince: This is our top favorite product and I have already ordered it so many times. Perfect texture, perfect color, very fresh and is fat-trimmed and without any bones, fragments or sinews. Priced at 399/- for 500gms

Goat mince licious
Keema matar masala in the making.
Keema Matar masala
Keema matar masala

2. Chicken lollipops: Okay product. The lollipops were slightly smaller. Priced at 109/- for 10pcs

chicken lollipop

3. Boneless chicken breast: Good. No issues. I made butter chicken and chicken donuts. Priced at 219/- for 450gms

Chicken donuts licious

4. Chicken cutlets (bengali style): These were very good and I will definitely repeat my order, it had sufficient pieces for 3-4 people. Slightly on the spicier side. Each and every piece was mopped up right away and I didn’t get a chance to photograph. Priced at 169/- for 350gms

5. Amritsari achari murgh: It didn’t taste achari at all. Taste was not bad though, similar to any normal chicken tikka we make but definitely not achari. Priced at 299/- for 450gms. Enough for 3-4 people.

amritsari achari murgh
achari murgh licious

6. Chicken Thigh (boneless): Good pieces. I will definitely repeat my order. I made murgh malai tikka out of it and it was an instant hit. Priced at 239/- for 450gms.

Chicken malai tikka licious

7. Chicken breakfast sausage with chives: Delicious. We will definitely order again. I have used these in omelettes, salads and in Loaded nachos too. Priced at 299/- for 250gms.

loaded nachos
Boil the sausages before use. It can be sauteed after thawing.
Chicken sausage licious
Boil slightly before sauteing/grilling

8. Chicken curry cut: No complaints so far. Clean and fresh pieces. Priced at 139/- for 500gms.

9. Peppery Chicken Salami: Good taste but I am disappointed with the packaging. I wish the salami pieces had their individual cheese slice like packaging. I can’t use the whole packet in one go and I can’t/don’t want to thaw the whole packet again and again. Priced at 299/- for 200gms.

Chicken Salami licious

10) Kebabs: Check out the review of Shami Kebab here

Check out the review of Seekh kebabs here

VFM: Slightly costly, but if they maintain their service I won’t mind paying.

Overall SR Rating : 4/5 (as on 05/08/2020)

Taste: 4

Value: 3

Ingredients: 5

Ease of use: 5

Appearance: 5

Packaging: 4

Shelf life: 5

Will i repurchase??

Yes, I have been repurchasing a lot, but there are other players like FreshtoHome, FishVish and more in the market so I would like to try their services as well.

Availability: Available on Licious App and website

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