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I had bookmarked this restaurant and after reading some 1200+ reviews and a 4/5 rating, we had to go check this place out. So we decided to have breakfast here and i think it was a bad choice because the mood and the vibes were not very welcoming. Very slow service, also, some items were not available. The reason for so many mixed reviews might be because Cabaret is open from 9 am on weekends for breakfast but the major action may be happening in the evenings only. For breakfast, only a few items are available and that also comes on the table after quiet a lot of waiting.

restaurant front


Very easy to locate, this restautrant is on the main road.

Ground Floor, Aspirations, Baner Road, Baner, Pune

Dining Type : Casual

Cuisines : Asian, Steak, Korean, Continental, North Indian

Parking : Small Parking in Front. I have heard they provide valet parking as well.

restaurant parking

Ambience : Good Ambience. They even had some game stations to play for an amount and darts to play for free.

Cafe Peter desserts

Staff : Okay, Service very slow.

Cleanliness : Okay.

What we ordered: Went there for breakfast and the restaurant was empty.

Hash Brown Omelette (Crescent omelette stuffed with boiled potatoes and chicken salami, topped with shredded cheese and gratinated under salamander served with hash brown and garlic bread)

Hash Brown Omelette : Rating 3/5 – Hash brown omelettes didn’t have hash browns, they served some wedges of potatoes, and garlic bread was just some brown bread slathered with garlicky butter. Omelette tasted good though. We asked for some Tabasco sauce and they generously gave us some, the bottle was filled 10% though 😛

African Omelette (Minced spicy chicken filled in sunny side up egg preparation, served with hash brown potato, garlic bread and grilled tomatoes)

African Omelette : Rating 3/5 This one was a good choice. It had spicy chicken keema/mince with a well cooked yolk. Again, no hash browns, just very oily and browned potato wedges. No garlic bread and grilled tomatoes, just some canned beans that i don’t eat and 2 triangles of brown bread with some butter.

Japanese Omurice (Veg and chicken fried rice served inside an egg omelette topped with tangy sauce)

Japanese Omurice : Rating 4/5 Good choice. Small sized rice boiled and sauteed with some spices. Sauce on top was also good.

Baked Western Omelette (Crescent folded omelette stuffed with chicken salami, bell pepper shredded cheese gratinated under salamander served with salad and baked beans)

Baked Western Omelette : Rating 4/5 No complaints.

Chicken Sausage Omelette (Omelette with mushroom, chicken filling served with garlic bread and chips): Rating 4/5 No complaints

French fries : Rating 5/5

SR Rating : 3/5

Will we go back? Probably Not. So many new places to try 😀

It seems this place is happening majorly in evenings and that too on weekends with live music and amazing food. We chose a Bad day and a bad time i guess.

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