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Stuffed Aubergine| Bharwan baigan/brinjal

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Bharwan baingan

This is a quick side dish, can be served with dal rice or parathas. The stuffing is mainly coriander and tomato based.

Baigan or aubergine is a total love-it or hate-it vegetable. Either you are a fan or you completely avoid it. I love it and hubby hates it so i make this dish just for myself.

Aubergines are an excellent source of dietary fibre. They are also a good source of vitamins B1 and B6 and potassium. In addition it is high in the minerals copper, magnesium and manganese. Aubergines are rich in antioxidants, specifically nasunin found in aubergine skin – which gives it its purple colour.


Baingan/Aubergine: 4-5 small ones

Coriander leaves/hara dhania: 1 cup chopped

Tomato: 1 big red or 2-3 small ones, chopped finely

Spices: 1tsp red chili powder, 2tsp dhaniya powder, 1/4th tsp turmeric powder

Garlic cloves: 7-8 chopped finely

Oil: 1tsp to add in the stuffing, 2tbsp to cook the stuffed baingan.


Add chopped tomatoes, Garlic and coriander leaves together with salt, red chili powder, dhania powder and a tsp oil and make a stuffing.

Clean the aubergine and remove the thorns and end part of stem if present.

Make 2 cross slits. Stuff the aubergines.

Take a wok, heat some oil, put cumin seeds and let crackle, put some hing.

Add the aubergines, first place vertically, and cover with a lid on sim ie minimum flame. Let it cook for 5 minutes, add a tbsp of water so that masala does not burn. Put the remaining stuffing masala on the aubergines. Mix the masala and aubergines and let it cook horizontally now. Cover with a lid, keep checking for doneness after 10 minutes. Mix, flip the aubergines. Let cook properly.

Serve and enjoy.

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