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Review of activity book by Melissa and Doug| Water wow painting book review

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When there’s a toddler at home who needs to be kept engaged all day, this painting book is a boon. It comes with 4 pages of different scenes and a thick pen like brush with a tube to fill in some water. It is a mess-free way to keep toddlers busy

What the description says: Use the “Magic” pen to color in the picture, and see vibrant colors, details, and patterns appear. Each page of the kids’ activity book features a lively princess-themed artwork to complete and a seek-and-find activity, too. Makes a great travel toy.

Features & details

As soon as the baby finishes coloring all the 4 pages, the first page becomes dry and is ready to color again, Zo loves this activity book.

I got 2 different books, one is animal themed and one has fairies.

Sometimes she will just take a wet wipe and rub it on the page and the colours come alive. The pages have find-the-objects kind of games too.

Very nice to gift also.

Price: starts from 350

Available on amazon and flipkart.


Very good for engaging kids during traveling

Mess free activity

So many options of scenes and themes to choose

Very good book to gift


Younger toddlers like zo don’t have a proper grip or technique so they put a lot of pressure which makes the brush tip flat after sometime making it difficult to colour.

Can’t put the brush with water filled in it in the storage space provided as on getting wet the adhesive of the storage compartment comes out.

The brush tip has become bad after sometime.

Links for Amazon and Flipkart



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