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I learnt crochet in school but reluctantly, because it was required as a part of my curriculum. This time, i am learning it because i really want to 😀

I will be chronicling my crochet journey here with time stamps so that anyone having an iota of interest in crocheting can see the difference from 0 to hopefully-an-expert-chrocheter-someday.

Project 1-

It was a flower. I made and remade and remade.

It took me an hour for just this one blue flower and then i made 2 more after i got an idea. Made on 8/5/2020

Tutorial taken from here and here.

Hook used was a 3mm and cotton yarn.

Project 2

It was simple headband for my 2 year old ZO.

Sadly, she didn’t like it so i opened the stitches and rolled it back

Tutorial taken from here.

This was a very simple and good project to make for a beginner.

The results are visible very fast.

Hook used 3 mm, cotton yarn and time taken was 2-3 hours in 2 days. Made on 11/5/2020

Lesson learnt: Always keep counting the stitches else the headband will be narrow at some places and wide at some 😛