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I always made Dairy ice creams but never tried with aquafaba ( Now what is Aquafaba you ask!! The viscous water in which legume seeds such as chickpeas have been cooked, basically the non dairy whipping cream available everywhere 😜)

This is a very versatile recipe, just take cream, milk and condensed milk and add your favorite topping or syrup or crush like Strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, raspberry and enjoy.

I have been baking cakes for a long time now but never really bothered a lot about icing cakes.

Strawberry ice cream with tutti-frutti
Blueberry ice-cream with sprinkles

Sometimes i use ganache because i feel it is way more easy to make and work with it. Tried making buttercream as well but didn’t enjoy. So finally, got some whipping cream which is actually a non dairy cream easily available here in Pune, India. Very easy to work with and taste wise also not bad. Made a beautiful father’s Day cake and was left with a lot of unused cream. I used the leftover cream for making ice cream πŸ˜πŸ˜‹


Whipped cream: 2 cups ( used cream bell non-dairy whipping cream)

Condensed milk: 200ml ( used Nestle)

Milk: 2 cups

For flavoring:

Strawberry topping: 2 tbsp

Blueberry topping : 2 tbsp


Whip the cream well. It took me more than 10 minutes to get good peaks after whisking with an electric whisk.

Add milk, condensed milk to the cream and mix or whisk again.

Divide in 2 or as many parts as you like according to flavours.

In one part add 2-3 tbsp of strawberry topping ( depends on your likes and taste, add more or less)

In second part add blueberry topping. Whisk well.

Added more topping to make swirls

Set it in a container with a lid

Put cling wrap touching the ice-cream surface.

Put in the freezer for 6 hours.

This ice-cream does not need extra sugar to be added as the non dairy whipping cream, condensed milk and toppings are already very sweet.

Unlike dairy ice creams, this is already quite smooth and creamy and does not form an icy sorbet like texture and does not get very hard even. It’s actually very creamy and smooth.

Scoop and serve with tutti-frutti or sprinkles. Enjoy.