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Fresh to Home is serving in Bangalore, Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, Trivandrum, Calicut, Thrissur

What they Claim:

Why Freshtohome?– We directly buy from farmers or fishermen- No Ammonia or Formaline Guarantee for Fish- No Antibiotics or Hormone Guarantee for Meats- Delivery at your doorsteps- Best tasting meat in town- We are fresh or we are free!

They have a very interesting page called “The Story of Fish” wherein they have detailed out how most of the fishes that are available in the market are procured and how Fresh to Home is doing it differently.

My questions

1. Is the Meat Halal? 

Yes all of our meats are 100% halal cut by human beings in the proper Halal methodology. The primary benefit with the Halal methodology is that the blood is completely let out from the bird which makes the meat stay longer and is more healthier. 

2. How do you manage to deliver it so fresh?

Simple – we procure the day’s catch from fisherman hours after they actually fish and come to the shore. Our well oil-ed processing center ensures that the fresh catch reaches our plants with in no time of the catch landing on the shore. At our delivery end, we have a network of vehicles that pick up the product from the airport/train stations and deliver to your doorsteps. We do not depend on any courier companies and have sourcing and delivery fully under our control – while this is expensive, it allows us to give you the worlds best fish in the fastest time possible from source to destination.

 Their FAQ section is very good. Please check it out here

What they offer:

  1. Chicken – Curry cuts, keema/Mince, boneless
  2. Lamb & Goat – curry cut, ribs & chops, kidney – Keema/Mince is NOT available (in Pune atleast)
  3. Fish & Seafood- wide range of Marine, shellfish and freshwater fishes. The best thing i personally liked was all the local names are also given.
  4. Marinated and Ready to eat– Gravies and curries like Butter chicken, chicken starters, fish starters, prawn starters, Malabar chicken pickle, Malabar fish pickle etc
  5. Steaks and Fillet : A wide range of fish fillet and steaks

Certificates: Yes !! They show you their certificates too. Certified for Antibiotics Residue free Products. I like it.

Check their certificates here.

They have a page wherein a form can be filled if you require something that is not available. It has a list of many items including different fishes, ready to cook items, country chicken, and much more.

Price: Slightly on the costlier side.

My Experience:

App: Easy to use app, all the details are present. Interface is good. Beautiful photos of the products. Most of the payment options available. The only thing I didn’t like is the minimum order for waving of the delivery charge is 799/- which is too high. But they also provide coupons for free delivery from time to time. I love coupons. 😀

Only drawback I found was There’s NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT CHAT SYSTEM. Kindly introduce Customer Support Chat like other vendors. It makes us easy to trust and buy from you.

Website: Very detailed and user friendly. I liked.

Packaging: Very good packaging. The products come in individual vacuum packed bags. The individual packets had information regarding what’s in it and price, weight, shelf life etc

Discounts and Coupons : They provide coupons and offers from time to time. WhatsApp messages are used for sending order details.

So, how was? :-

1) Boneless chicken thigh: Good. No issues. I made chicken coleslaw and it was a hit. Priced at 239/- for 500gms. Next I made a bohra Speciality dish called Kari Chicken. Came out very tasty.

Kari Chicken

2) Chicken curry cut: No complaints so far. Clean and fresh pieces. Priced at 139/- for 500gms.

3) Goat curry cut: 439/- for 500gms. Very good quality. I am satisfied. I hope they start Mutton Mince as well.

4) Chicken Chettinad (Ready to cook) : I got this in offer for free. It was good and beautifully marinated. I made a tempering of mustard seeds and more curry leaves, covered and cooked the pieces. Amount of salt and masala was perfect. Not very spicy.

Chicken Chettinad from Fresh to Home in the making 🙂

Next I would love to try their Seafood and Ready to cook dish Chicken Ghee Roast. Will update after trying these.

VFM: Costly, but if the quality and service is good, I won’t mind paying.

Customer Care or Support : Now this is one problematic area. I have read about this and that’s why tried calling their customer support no. 1800-313-3302 but it said “The dialed number is incorrect”

They have an email id as well –
customercare@freshtohome.com and i get my order details from this same Id.

Overall SR Rating : 4/5 (as on 3/07/2020)

Taste: 4

Value: 3

Ingredients: 5

Ease of use: 5

Appearance: 5

Packaging: 4

Shelf life: 5

Support: 1

Will I repurchase??

Yes, I will repurchase, especially if I get more coupons. And I really hope they stick to good quality products and on-time delivery.

*Featured Image courtesy Fresh To Home website.

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