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Can you see the wordings Z.O.Y.A ?

This pattern of crochet blanket is the fastest i have ever made, simple and fast crochet pattern for beginners.

I am loving this blanket pattern called the Archway, it creates little archways like pattern and most importantly it is very very easy and relaxing to create.

I learned this pattern from here

This one is a super easy one involving only chain stitches and single crochets.

Very very forgiving even if you make some blunders.

I am very thankful for this blogger/creator to share this free pattern and for making an easy to follow tutorial.

To start, I am a beginner and ordered a yarn from Amazon to learn some amigurumi toys but found this yarn to be super fuzzy, the stitches are not visible properly and the yarn is slightly chunky as well. Being a beginner in crochet I don’t have much knowledge of what yarn to order exactly 😜😜 So i was searching for some pattern that can be made with the thickest needle and voila!! I found the above pattern. It’s actually a very relaxing one to make. Put on some movie or music, get a mug of coffee and get comfortable on a couch and go on crocheting.

Level : Beginner

Time required: Makes very fast. I made a small lovy type blanket for my toddler and it took me 4 days.

Yarn used: It took almost 100gms of yarn made up of 83% acrylic and 17% nylon.

Hook used: 5.0mm

Who all should go for this easy pattern??

1) Anyone who is new to crochet but wants to make something achievable.

2) All of you who do not want to strain your eyes, best for old people having eye problems. You do not need to count any stitches and the single crochets you have to do is inside a big loop.

3) All of you who do not want to sprain your arms and wrist.

4) Anyone who is prescribed crocheting for fast healing and recovery from any health problem or wants to reduce stress or alleviate depression ( Yes!!! I heard doctors prescribing crochet for stress relief or for Hand exercises 😍😍)

Special Tip: If you are planning to do this crochet pattern to relieve any stress or anxiety, kindly go for a multicoloured yarn like I have used. It’s very very soothing to see different colours after every stitch and you won’t get bored of the same colour.

My yarn got finished and I didn’t want to buy the same colour and style so instead of making this into a baby blanket I made a lovy blanket for Zo.

I attached a couple of Bear appliques.

Tutorial from here

I have posted a blog on this bear Applique as well.