These recipes have been tried and tested by me, taken from Blogs, Books or Youtube

Restaurant Reviews

Find all about the Restaurants and the awesome food they offer here !

My Balcony Garden

All about what we grow in our Balcony Garden

My Crocheting Journey

Crochet teddy bear

I attempt the most easy to do crochet, Check out my journey here.


I am a mother of a toddler and I love trying out new recipes, food products and restaurants. Find about me here.

17 thoughts on “Homepage”

      1. When you nominated me you wrote my name but I couldn’t. Instead while thanking you, I pasted your whole link with https.
        I wanted to add only Shaheen. And on clicking it, your page. But couldn’t manage.

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      2. Ok , i got what you are asking about.
        It’s quite simple.
        Just select that word, so for example if you want to link “aloo chokha” to a new page, select the words “aloo chokha”, you can see some options above hovering on it, u will see a “link of chain” , click on that, it will open a small box, add the url address in the link box, play around it. I really wish I could show you some screenshots, but i am sure you will be able to do it πŸ‘πŸ˜€

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