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I am really happy to see the “Dhungar technique” written and shown by Ms. Yoshita here. We use this technique a lot in our food, be it a simple tempered dal, kebabs or special keema samosas. This smoking technique lends the food a delicate fragrant smoky taste. Please try this technique especially on the kebabs.

Sometimes along with the ghee, we add aromatic spices like cloves so that the meat or whatever is the dish is infused with a delicate fragrance of cloves.

Check out Yoshita’s Dal Bukhara recipe

Dal Bukhara

Few things to keep in mind before starting: Dal bukhara is a velvety smooth slow cooked whole black lentils(urad dal) simmered with tomato puree, ginger-garlic paste, butter and cream for hours on low heat. Dal bukhara, a dish quite close to dal makhani, is rather pretty different in many ways. Dal bukhara recipe is much […]

Dal Bukhara Infused With Smokey Aroma (Dhungar Technique)