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This type of roti /flatbread is easy to make and stays soft for a longer time. This is a chapati recipe step by step.

Especially when there are lots of guests at home, this technique makes 2 chapatis at a time. So easy, fast and softest chapati/ rotis. This roti is known as padwali/parwali roti as there are layers in it.

Scroll down to find out Additional uses of this Roti and a tip on How to keep the rotis soft for longer !!!!

My toddler Zo is teething and she prefers soft rotis so that she can chew it easily, this padwali roti is a huge hit with her. Try this roti with babies and toddlers.

Just take 2 small portions of dough and make lemon sized balls, press and flatten it. Apply some ghee or oil on one side of one ball and sprinkle some dry flour on another one and press them together, the oiled side comes in between.

Roll it like a chapati and roast on a hot tawa/ griddle on high. No need to flip again and again or press the chapati.

Just flip once, let it cook for 30 seconds and bring it down in a plate.

Press with your palm and immediately separate the two layers. Be very careful doing this as the steam might burn the the hand.


Wheat flour: 2 cups

Salt: a pinch

Water: 3/4 cup or as needed

Ghee/oil : 1 tsp for dough and some for smearing according to taste


Kneading the dough

Take a large bowl and add flour and salt. Keep adding water slowly and knead it. Do not put all the water together. Slowly keep working to get a smooth workable dough. Add a tsp or two of oil or ghee so that it does not stick to fingers.

Aata for chapati

Knead again for a minute or two and let it rest for 5 minutes.


Making the roti: Now divide the dough into small balls, smaller than a lemon.

Flatten 2 balls, apply oil/ghee on one ball, and dry flour on the other. Press them together and flatten. Roll into a chapati.

Apply oil on one and flour on one and press both together

Roast on a hot tawa – How do you know if tawa is hot enough? Sprinkle a pinch of flour on it, if the flour turns brown immediately, the tawa is ready to go.

Flip the chapati as soon as it puffs/bubbles up on 4-5 places.


Take off the griddle and separate layers. Apply ghee on one side each.


Enjoy with sabji, curry, gravy or make into samosas or cones for snacking. If the rotis are to be stored for some hours, put a cut ginger piece along with the rotis and cover, the rotis will stay soft.

Uses other than as Chapati:

Halve it, roll into a cone, seal it with a wheat flour slurry, fill with your favourite stuffing and deep fry.

Recipe coming soon…

Cut 2-3 long strips and use it as samosa patti for crispy small dal or kheema samosas.

Recipe coming soon…

Cut and deep fry. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to eat with evening tea.

Have you ever eaten or tried making this parwali chapati?

What other dishes you make out of a chapati? Have you ever heard of chapati poha? Do let me know in the comments below 🙂