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I would like to post about the necessity of Saving water today

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First of all, Thank you Kamal jee for initiating this chain of spreading awareness about the importance of Saving our Environment and working towards World Peace.

I personally care a lot about the problems caused by the scarcity of water and the need to spread awareness about saving water. There are many people who still does not care about this small step of saving water which might lead to severe water crisis. So I appeal, please let’s all start and take at least one initiative to save water, it could be by spreading awareness or by implementing better ways for consumption and use.

Rules & Regulations
1. Thank the person who nominated you, with a link to their blog.
2. Make a Post of the Award with a PEACE & SAVE ENVIRONMENT statement and a Photograph.
3. Mention the rules and regulations.
4. Ask 7 questions of your choice. One of the question most include about “PEACE” and one for “Environment”.
5. Nominate 7 other bloggers and notify them.
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To receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place read the instruction on https://kamalsbloggingcafe.wordpress.com/award/. And, Move down reading instructions where the details of shining star is written how to participate.

Questions by Kamal jee

1. How can you be a good blogger as a member of WordPress Global Village? Well we all are trying to be good bloggers obviously, working hard to be the best but I think slowing down and helping fellow bloggers and showing gratitude will help spread some positivism and unity in the WordPress community

2. Could you please define a word “PEACE” from your point of view? For me personally, PEACE is “Live and Let live” along with Love. These are my 2 very important ingredients.

3. How can we save a tree? If you can’t go out and save trees, at least Plant 5 trees.

3. Do you think human trafficking is still a crosscutting issues
. Off course it is, a very heart wrenching Issue.

4. What thing do you sacrifice to make a happy family environment?I have to sacrifice a lot of “Me-time”, given the fact that I have a very demanding toddler, husband and In laws that I care for.

5. Which animal do you like most? Why?I like birds. Why??? I don’t know 😛

6. What do you think about the journalist or youtubers?They are two very important tribe at least for me. I learn many things daily from youTubers and get my daily dose of awareness from the hard working Journos.

7. Is a movie-star play a vital role to aware most of the people around the world or just they present their performance to earn money?Personally, I don’t get impressed by movie stars but yes, they can help in educating and spreading awareness about many issues because people tend to follow them and they can lead by example.

Now my questions to my dear nominees 🙂

If you were a celebrity, Will you do something to save the environment? If yes, then What and how?

Which historical figure would you like to meet the most and why?

How have you helped someone recently?

How have you been blessed by your own followers?

Out of the comments you have received from your followers, is there one in particular that you have cherished?

Where does peace really exist; heart or mind? Why/why not?

If you were given a choice by God to opt for just one thing between Lots of Money or Lots of peace, What would you choose and why?

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Again, Thanks Kamal jee for this opportunity.

And also I would like to encourage each and every blogger who is reading this to answer my 7 questions in my comment section, I would love to read about you.