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It’s the water leftover from soaking/cooking chickpeas or left from canned chickpeas and no, I am not going to talk about Chhole Bhature here 😜

If you have Eaten/consumed/ enjoyed the normal so called “fresh cream cakes” from most of the bakeries (I can talk about Pune only 🤭), then chances are that you have been celebrating many occasions with majorly Aquafaba based cream Cakes.

Check out this small video of a beautiful blogger Mehreen Raza on how to make it from scratch here.

Aquafaba is an amazing Ingredient!! It can be made into meringues, whipping cream, ice creams and so much more.

Aquafaba is a Vegan substitute for dairy cream cakes, a boon for lactose intolerant people !! People are making homemade Aquafaba easily.

Most probably, All these cakes are frosted with Aquafaba 🙂

I am a foodie to the core, but even I didn’t know that the luscious, delicious, light, sweet, airy cream that we eat and lick on a cake is not butter or even a dairy product.

So In vain, I tried to recreate these master pieces with malai (milk cream), butter or even the Amul cream we get in markets. Then finally, one fine day, I joined a cake class and was surprised to know that you don’t have to be a master-chef to recreate the bakery cakes 😀

Buy a non-dairy whipping cream like Cream bell, Tropolite , Rich or the powder based ones, whip it and voila, do some art !!!

Shaheen Ranalvi

So what is AQUAFABA?

According to Wikipedia, It is the viscous water in which legume seeds such as chickpeas have been cooked.

Due to its ability to mimic functional properties of egg whites in cooking, aquafaba can be used as a direct replacement for them in some cases. It is especially suitable for use by people who avoid eggs, such as vegans.

The best aquafaba comes from chickpeas and white beans. Other legumes like soy, peas, lentils, kidney beans, and black beans can be used but their slightly different compositions may require more tinkering with the concentration to work well (source: wikipedia).

You can make many delicious desserts from Aquafaba/chickpea water at home as well !

For meringues, whip the legume/chickpea water, add sugar and a stabilizer like Cream of tartar and you are done. Other things like nougat, macarons and icing can be made as well. Some amazing info is available here.

Do all the non-dairy whipping creams are majorly Aquafaba ?? Comment and let me know.

I made some delicious Ice creams from a non-dairy whipping cream by Cream bell.

Is this an Aquafaba Icecream?

So technically, Are these ice creams made up of Aquafaba (I like the sound of it)?? which means my lactose Intolerant or even my dear vegan friends can enjoy these?

One amazing Blogger by the name Mehreen Raza has shared a video on how to make this whipped cream from boiled water of Chickpeas easily at home. Here’s the link to her video. Check out her awesome Instagram account the_tinykitchen_cook

Fun Fact: Aquafaba contains about one tenth of the protein of egg whites by weight !!

Have you used Aquafaba ? Do let me know in the comments section.