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I made these cute and warm crochet slippers from a beautiful 4 ply grey colored yarn. It did not take much time even !

crochet slippers
beginners crochet

Fast and easy, these slippers are perfect for beginners who are looking for something that is fast, easy and useful.

I got the free tutorial for making these amazing crochet slippers from here.

The only difference in the slippers shown in the tutorial and these are the absence of bows and addition of straps.

I added one small strap to it to make the crochet slippers fit snuggly on my feet. The strap is made up of simple single crochets starting with 6chains stitched in the slipper edge.

The orange piping on the edge is made up of 4 double crochet in one stitch and slip stitch into the next which means every alternate stitch has 4dc in each and slip stitched on the next stitch.

Yarn used: Vardhaman from Amazon

Hook used: 4.5 mm

Time required: These slippers can be made in 2-3 hours but I took a week because of time constraints.

You would just need to know:

How to make a magic ring

How to make a double crochet stitch

How to Slip stitch

How to make a single crochet

If you are accustomed with the above 4 procedures, you can make these beautiful slippers in no time ๐Ÿ™‚

You can notice one problem here, I made one slipper slightly loose, this was my first slipper and by the second slipper, I got the hang of it.

So just one word of caution, It is better to use the same tension in both the slippers and write down the no. of stitches in each round so that both slippers are made exactly the same ๐Ÿ™‚

I truly believe Anyone can crochet !! It is highly therapeutic. Check out my beginning here.

easy yarn slippers grey

Have you ever made crochet slippers or worn them? If yes, what design was it? What color? If you made it, I would love to have a peek at them.

Do comment and let me know.