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This is a beautiful organizer for Crochet hooks. It has an ammonite pattern for closure. This roll case has 12 slots for 12 crochet hooks.

I completed making this crochet hooks roll case in two days flat and learned quite a lot of things.

This is not a beginners project, you need to have some experience in crocheting for this.

A lot of counting of stitches goes into making this project. A bonus hint for beginners is at the end of this post.

The pattern involves making double crochets, trebles and back posts.

I found this very beautiful pattern of Ammonite on Pinterest first and searched for a tutorial on YouTube.

Click here for the detailed tutorial.

If you don’t understand any stitch, just click on the settings and change the speed to .5 , the slow motion stitching is way more clearer.

This roll case has 12 slots for 12 hooks.

I have used:

A 4 ply acrylic and nylon yarn bought from Amazon

3.5 mm crochet hook

Small beads: 12

1 large button

The pattern is freely available on YouTube by an amazing youtuber Dedri on the channel named It’s all in a Nutshell Crochet.

Roughly, this project starts with a chain of 102 simple chains, and then it is folded and joined for round 2 and then you have to keep working on increasing those 102 stitches.

Making only the roll case is comparatively simple and a beginner can easily attempt it but making the Ammonite part is slightly tricky.

A very detailed written post is available on Dedris’s blog here.

Front side
Back Side

Tips from a Beginner to the Beginners:

– Always go for a multi-colored yarn when you are a beginner and trying to make a project which involves a lot of counting.

– The different colors makes it easy to remember counts.

– Make the first starting chain a little loose, preferably with a bigger hook, else the starting chain will be tight and the next double crochet will be loose making the work look curved.

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So my dear Readers !! What other things can be organized in this roll case? Any suggestions??

If you like doing crochet, how do you organize the hooks? Do let me know in the comments!!