This is a review of Nuremberger Chicken Sausages available on Licious. Halal chicken sausages.

Chicken sausages after removing from the packet
After removing from the packet

What is Chicken Nuremberger?? According to the website, Nürnberg Rostbratwurst are finger-like sausages that originate in the charming Bavarian city of Nuremberg (German spelling: Nürnberg). Made from coarsely ground meat, it is seasoned with marjoram, salt, pepper, ginger, cardamom and lemon powder and is one of the most popular sausages in Germany. Source:

How to eat Chicken Nuremberger? On the Licious Blog, the suggested way to enjoy this Chicken Sausage is as follows:

Just bring out the Chicken smoked sausages and warm to room temperature. Put them in a medium pan with crushed garlic and olive oil. Add a sprinkle of pepper, some onion, broccoli, sauce and blend together with chicken broth. Once steamed and cooked, this is a great accompaniment to pastas and rice.

You can prepare Chicken Nuremberger in a similar way, with pasta or as delicious breakfast tacos with sausages, finely sliced onions, coriander and a basic mayo dressing.

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Let’s start the review-

Their Claim: This bigger-than-bite-sized sausage has the perfect mix of herbs you’d love. Delicate notes of Marjorim married to the bittersweet notes of Sage with the mild pungency of garlic.

What’s in your box:

Made from fresh chicken meat, Cured and processed in-house, Crafted by master chefs, 100% Fresh ingredients & spices, Hygienically vacuum-packed, No Artificial taste enhancers.

Ingredients: Poultry meat (chicken) 80%, water, mustard, herb (marjoram), iodised salt, powdered dextrose, natural flavour, spices (pepper, nutmeg, mustard), spice extracts (paprika extract)Acidity regulator (INS – 451(i)), paprika oleoresin 160C(i). Allergen Info: Mustard

Cooking Methods:

Remove the Classic Chicken Nurembergers and place them on a plate.

Boiling Method (Time: 5 mins)
1. Boil water and add enough salt so it tastes like seawater.
2. Add the sausages and cook until they are hot to the core – about 5 minutes.
3. Remove and serve.

Serving suggestion:
You can have them in a classic hot dog or layer the slices in your favourite sandwich.

Grill Method (Time: 5 mins)
1. Season a hot grill with oil and place the sausages on it.
2. Cook on both sides until grill marks appear.
3. Take them off the grill and serve.

Serving suggestion:
Add these as a side to your English Breakfast platter or slice them up and add them to a sumptuous pasta.

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Price : 269/- for 250 gms(No. of pieces = 10-13)

Sliced chicken sausage
Sliced chicken sausage
Information on the sausage packet
Information on the sausage packet

My Experience:
: The sausages were packed in a plastic bag with the ingredient list, storage guidance and nutritional information.
VFM: Yes

Overall this was a good buy, we liked the mild taste of different herbs, It’s easy to add to different dishes. These sausages are very delicious with the mild taste of herbs. I have tried Licious Chicken frankfurter, Chicken breakfast sausage with chives and yummiez pepper and herbs sausages and I found these Nurembergers to be the best amongst these.

I chop and saute these in some olive oil and have added it in pastas, loaded nachos and even in frankies. Other dishes that I am planning to make with these chicken sausages are Pizza, pulao, omellettes, sandwiches, loaded garlic bread, and a very creative Mummy Halloween Treats 😀

Sautéing chicken sausages with herbs in olive oil
chicken sausage pasta
1. Add sliced sausages to a mix of chopped onions, garlic and green chilies in olive oil. Cook. 2.Add pasta sauce and mix. 3. Make Béchamel sauce, add to the sausage mix. 4. Add boiled pasta and grated cheese. 5. Sprinkle oregano seasoning and chili flakes.

Added the sausages in a roll
Sauteed sausage slices added to an Egg roll
Overloaded nachos
Nachos with boiled and sauteed sausages, cheese and jalapenos
chicken sausage uses
Recipe on TheSkinnypot. Image courtesy

Overall SR Rating: 5/5
Taste: 5/5
Value: 5/5
Ease of Use: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5 Nutritional Value: 4.5/5

Will I repurchase: Definitely
Availability: available on Licious App and website

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You can try the Chicken frankfurter, Chicken breakfast sausage with chives as well.

Have you tried the cold cuts from Licious? How did you incorporate those? Share with me in the comments sections 🙂

Chicken sausage uses

chicken sausage recipes indian

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