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tea light holder

This is an easy Beginners Crochet Tea light holder, it took me an hour to make this as I had to rip it off 2 times as always😜😜

I have used a 3 ply Anchor crochet thread in yellow and red (available on Amazon) and 2.5mm crochet hook.

The free tutorial is available on YouTube here. The creator has explained all the steps beautifully. You just need to know how to make simple double crochets.

crochet candle holder

In a nutshell:

We have to make a magic circle first and then Chain 1

For Round 1: 12 double crochets in the ring.

Round 2: Chain3, Make 2 double crochets in each stitch. We will have 24 dc stitches at the end.

Round 3: Chain3, Alternately make 2 dc and 1 dc, total we will have 36 dc stitches in the end.

Round 4: Chain 3, 1 dc in each front loop, chain1 at the end and cut the thread, total 36 stitches and the work will turn inside like a basket.

Round 5: Join the thread on the back loop of round 4 stitch, and start with chain6, make a double crochet in the 3rd stitch (means we skipped the 2nd stitch), follow by making chain 3 and dc in every third stitch (basically making loops of chain3).

Round 6: Chain3, make 5 dc (but not complete) in each loop. You will need to see the video for further rounds because it’s tricky to explain in words but easier to make πŸ˜›

Round 7: Chain 6 and join on the locking chain of round 6. Refer the video here .

Next rounds are made with a different colored thread.

Round 8: Join the new thread (I used Red) on the middle basket part and make half double crochets to make a beautiful border. Refer here. Alternate 1 and 2 hdc on each stitch. Cut the thread.

Round 9: Making a border on the base. Get a different colored thread (I used Red), and make 5dc, chain3 and 5dc in each loop made up the of 6 chain stitches of round no. 7.

top and bottom
Tea light holder

Do you crochet or do DIYs?? What all things do you make for decor purposes. What all can be made for festive decorations? Do share with me. πŸ™‚

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