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Love Éclairs

I love Éclairs so much that I keep collecting these beautiful recipes and photos on my Pinterest. Hopefully I will be able to make some myself one day.

Check out this awesome post from “Eat dessert first greece”

They have shared a very informative post on the different varieties of this Choux pastry and a detailed step by step guide on how to make my favourite Éclairs. Yumm yumm.

They are an expert on desserts 😍😍😍

In our new festive article we will research choux and charlotte, find desserts made with choux pastry (pâte à choux) and make our own “choux charlotte” with eclairs filled with chocolate whipped cream, caramel bavarian cream and caramelised nuts!

Some eclairs, a birthday and choux!

How to make the softest roti ever| Roti that stays soft |Parwali Roti|

This type of roti /flatbread is easy to make and stays soft for a longer time. This is a chapati recipe step by step.

Especially when there are lots of guests at home, this technique makes 2 chapatis at a time. So easy, fast and softest chapati/ rotis. This roti is known as padwali/parwali roti as there are layers in it.

Scroll down to find out Additional uses of this Roti and a tip on How to keep the rotis soft for longer !!!!

My toddler Zo is teething and she prefers soft rotis so that she can chew it easily, this padwali roti is a huge hit with her. Try this roti with babies and toddlers.

Just take 2 small portions of dough and make lemon sized balls, press and flatten it. Apply some ghee or oil on one side of one ball and sprinkle some dry flour on another one and press them together, the oiled side comes in between.

Roll it like a chapati and roast on a hot tawa/ griddle on high. No need to flip again and again or press the chapati.

Just flip once, let it cook for 30 seconds and bring it down in a plate.

Press with your palm and immediately separate the two layers. Be very careful doing this as the steam might burn the the hand.


Wheat flour: 2 cups

Salt: a pinch

Water: 3/4 cup or as needed

Ghee/oil : 1 tsp for dough and some for smearing according to taste


Kneading the dough

Take a large bowl and add flour and salt. Keep adding water slowly and knead it. Do not put all the water together. Slowly keep working to get a smooth workable dough. Add a tsp or two of oil or ghee so that it does not stick to fingers.

Aata for chapati

Knead again for a minute or two and let it rest for 5 minutes.


Making the roti: Now divide the dough into small balls, smaller than a lemon.

Flatten 2 balls, apply oil/ghee on one ball, and dry flour on the other. Press them together and flatten. Roll into a chapati.

Apply oil on one and flour on one and press both together

Roast on a hot tawa – How do you know if tawa is hot enough? Sprinkle a pinch of flour on it, if the flour turns brown immediately, the tawa is ready to go.

Flip the chapati as soon as it puffs/bubbles up on 4-5 places.


Take off the griddle and separate layers. Apply ghee on one side each.


Enjoy with sabji, curry, gravy or make into samosas or cones for snacking. If the rotis are to be stored for some hours, put a cut ginger piece along with the rotis and cover, the rotis will stay soft.

Uses other than as Chapati:

Halve it, roll into a cone, seal it with a wheat flour slurry, fill with your favourite stuffing and deep fry.

Recipe coming soon…

Cut 2-3 long strips and use it as samosa patti for crispy small dal or kheema samosas.

Recipe coming soon…

Cut and deep fry. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to eat with evening tea.

Have you ever eaten or tried making this parwali chapati?

What other dishes you make out of a chapati? Have you ever heard of chapati poha? Do let me know in the comments below 🙂

Dal Bukhara Infused With Smokey Aroma (Dhungar Technique)

I am really happy to see the “Dhungar technique” written and shown by Ms. Yoshita here. We use this technique a lot in our food, be it a simple tempered dal, kebabs or special keema samosas. This smoking technique lends the food a delicate fragrant smoky taste. Please try this technique especially on the kebabs.

Sometimes along with the ghee, we add aromatic spices like cloves so that the meat or whatever is the dish is infused with a delicate fragrance of cloves.

Check out Yoshita’s Dal Bukhara recipe

Dal Bukhara

Few things to keep in mind before starting: Dal bukhara is a velvety smooth slow cooked whole black lentils(urad dal) simmered with tomato puree, ginger-garlic paste, butter and cream for hours on low heat. Dal bukhara, a dish quite close to dal makhani, is rather pretty different in many ways. Dal bukhara recipe is much […]

Dal Bukhara Infused With Smokey Aroma (Dhungar Technique)


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EASY Mutton Yakhni Pulao | GOSHT KI YAKHNI

Mutton yakhni pulao

Be it any special occasion like Eid or any get -together, this is one of the dishes that cannot be skipped.

In fact Mutton Yakhni Pulao recipe is a very easy dish to make, Make some Mutton Yakhni Pulao and one sweet dish, some boondi mixed in curd with roasted jeera powder and spices and the party is On. Pair with masala chhaas (buttermilk) or cold drinks and Enjoy.

No hassel of making breads/rotis/parathas/puris. This is a wholesome one-pot meal.

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I am very thankful to be nominated by my favorite Chef Tina of Let’s Cook with Tina and my dear Ranjini Madhavan of Ranjus Travel Blog for the LIEBSTAR AWARD series.

The Liebstar award helps budding bloggers like me.

If you are looking for unique, authentic and amazing Bengali recipes, check out Tina’s Blog Let’s cook with Tina and Check out all the temple visit chronicles with photographs, details and facts on beautiful and Important Temples on the one and only Ranjini’s blog Ranjus Travel Blog


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I got questions from Ranjini and Tina and I selected 11 questions in total 😀

1) What inspired you to begin blogging?

I am a foodie by nature and I love to experiment with cuisines from around the world. The only criteria is, it should be easy to make 😜. I love reviewing things as well, so here I am with this blog.

2) How often do you post?

I try to post at least twice a week, but currently I am trying to post daily as I have to complete 100 posts by 23 August , that’s my birthday 😁😁😍😍🎂🎂

3) Describe your key strength?

Research. I love Research.

4) Which is your favorite movie?

I like mostly Comedies. No one movie in particular.

5) Which country do you belong to?

India, my Bharat. 🇮🇳

6) If given a chance to revamp your life, what you would become?

I will be the same Shaheen, as I am now 🙋 Maybe some what fitter.

7) What is your dream destination?

I want to visit Canada 😍😍

8) Tell me about your ambition?

I want to be an expert on making Eclairs, I love Eclairs 😋😋

9) Share a bit about yourself.

I am a mother of a toddler, I want to make a good, one stop informative website on Crocheting, baking and cooking.

10) Fruits or veggies,what’s your pick?


11) What are your hobbies?

Baking, googling, reading, crochet, gardening.

Once again, Thank you dear Tina and Ranjini for this Award 🙂

Now my questions for my Nominees

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My Nominees

Neeraja Her blog Happiness is homemade has a good collection of healthy recipes.

Garima Check out her interesting blog Gray is my Way

Ashish Interesting blog on Trip Travel Explore

Mruga Her blog Musings of Mruga is my favorite visual site. She draws the ingredients used and I can be on her site all day 😍😍 I so wish I could draw like her.

Asif He is a budding blogger. Check out his interesting blog. Follow and support.

Hannah I like her blog Hangry Hannah for delicious recipes.

Saara Check out her blog for some very interesting content and stories.

Aakash An interesting blog about warfare, military, developments, changes, challenges.

Srushti Dr Srushti has a very informative blog called Some Humanity Things on health topics

The parmigiana whisperer You want to learn about authentic Italian food?? Visit my favorite blogger on her website The Parmigiana Whisperer

Jivanti Learn more about baking and delicious desserts from my favorite pastry chef at The Winter Flour

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Methi Aloo Paratha
Methi Aloo paratha

aloo methi paratha recipe | Punjabi aloo methi paratha| stuffed aloo methi paratha | aloo ka paratha

This stuffed methi aloo paratha is a very good breakfast dish. Pair it with mango launji, yogurt or any pickle and it is a very filling Indian breakfast.

This recipe is a Methi Aloo Paratha recipe in Punjabi style. I have added some paneer as well, but paneer is optional.

How to make Methi paratha soft? Add some potatoes and paneer. Yumm


Instant Onion Pickle

What a unique recipe!! I never heard about Instant onion pickle 😋😋😋😋

I am definitely going to try making some. Neeraja’s blog “Happiness is Homemade” is a very interesting blog with unique recipes.

Pickles are also popularly known as “Achaar”. We all grown up eating different kinds of pickles made by our grandmothers or mothers. This onion pickle is what my mom used to make every summer. Yes, eating onion during summers can prevent the diseases caused by summer heat. It also has lots of health benefits. Pickles […]

Instant Onion Pickle


Licious Shami kebab
Licious Shami kebab


Their Claim: Sink your teeth into soft, delicate and juicy Hyderabadi Mutton Shami Kebabs. Made by experts from the best cuts of lamb and a traditional recipe, these generously spiced succulent kebabs are the perfect indulgence. Super easy to cook and ready in 6-8 minutes, you’ll enjoy both making and savouring these classic Shami kebabs. Enjoy them with our Spicy Pudina Chatni. We bet you’ll be hooked.

Check out their website here

Spice Level: Medium Spicy


REVIEW of Seekh kebabs from Licious | Purani Dilli ki Mutton Seekh Kebab

Licious Seekh kebab
Licious Seekh kebab


Their Claim: Here’s our Purani Dili Ki Mutton Seekh for the kebab lover in you. Made from the best cuts of lamb and spiced to perfection, this authentic seekh kebab is easy to cook and ready in 7-9 minutes. Enjoy this traditional recipe right at home minus the stress. Soft, juicy and succulent, these kebabs are a must-try. Enjoy these with our Spicy Pudina Chatni. We bet you’ll be coming back for more.

Check out their website here

Spice Level: Medium Spicy

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