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Such an informative post. I try to use rock salt most of the time but not always. Have you ever thought/discussed/read about salt? Comment below and let me know 🙂


Hello all,

Today’s post is on salt. Salt is an important ingredient of almost everything that we eat. Ayurveda understood it’s importance way back and has explained various types of salt along with its qualities.

But before that, let’s understand the salt we are eating today .

The free flowing ,super white sodium chloride fortified with iodine that we consume today is a chemically synthesized product( in some cases is a byproduct that is sold as edible salt).

We have come to believe that salt means sodium chloride (NaCl) and anything mixed with it is an “impurity”. Other minerals naturally available in common salt are labelled as impurities. These so called impurities are what makes the natural salt healthier. Because of the presence of other vital minerals the sodium content of the naturally available salt is automatically low.

Naturally occuring salt is hygroscopic – meaning it will get soggy with…

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Pickled Bananas

Pickled Bananas !!!!! Now who would have thought this 😛

A Hundred Years Ago

I’ve pickled lots of different fruits and vegetables, so when I saw a recipe in a hundred-year-old magazine for Pickled Bananas I just had to give it a try.

The Pickled Bananas were a nice change of pace. The pickling syrup which contained cinnamon, mace, and cloves was delightful. And, much to my surprise, the pickled bananas reminded me a little of pickled beets or other pickled starchy vegetable.

Here is the hundred-year-old recipe:

Source: American Cookery (December, 1917)

And, here is the recipe updated for modern cooks:

I am not as frugal as homemakers a hundred years ago. I did not set the syrup aside for more pickling after I made this recipe.

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Chickpea + Fruit Salad

Such a quick and interesting recipe 😀

Emerging Adult Eats


Welp, I’ve fallen in love with Colorado.


As if I needed another place to become obsessed with.


Who woulda thunk I’d jive so hard with the midwest? Until now, I always pictured tumbleweeds just flowing through the streets and kids in overalls.


But Colorado is kewl, man! So many beautiful mountains and plenty of nature things and good places to grub and excellent people watching. The homeless population rivals Seattle, making me feel ever so at home. I just loved everything about it. The main purpose of the trip was to see our favie band at Red Rocks. I thought I would be underwhelmed by the venue because it’s like “the” place to see a show, but nopity nope nope. It was amazing. You’re just watching a radical show surrounded by these giant…red…rocks… It sounds lamer than it is, I promise. We did a couple of hikes too and they…

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Traditional Onion Souffle Recipe

I have been following this amazing blog lately named aHundredYearsAgo….so many interesting insights about some classic old recipes 🙂 I have to try this onion souffle recipe now!!

A Hundred Years Ago

I recently had a roast in the oven, and was looking for a side dish to accompany it, so when I happened upon a hundred-year-old recipe for Onion Souffle, I decided to give it a try.

Onion Souffle contains onions and bread crumbs, and reminds me a little of stuffing.  This side dish had a robust onion flavor and nicely complemented the roast, though it was a little dry. The next time I make this Souffle, I’ll probably drizzle a little gravy or other sauce over the top.

Here is the original recipe:

Source: The Housewife’s Cook Book by Lilla Frich (1917)

And, here is the recipe updated for modern cooks:

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The Story of Soup

Such an awesome post. Off to make a beautiful warm comforting soup now 😀

UnCooked Creations in AnUnPlugged Kitchen

The Story of Soup From Siberia to Japan

She coaxes food from the earth. Digging for roots and tubers, picking berries and catching fish. Wizened, old and highly skilled she places the pot, made with her own hands from the clay surrounding her village, close to the fire near the hottest coals. Adding water she waits. When the water is hot she drops in the bounty from her days gathering along with some dried salmon from previous hunts. She stirs it all with a large thick twig she cleaned and whittled for just such a purpose. She pauses in her cooking to gaze upstream toward the mountains where the salmon and bear make their home. She believes that the Bear have a body and soul. The Ainu have a body and soul. The bear eat fish and eat berries. The Ainu eat fish and eat berries. For the old woman…

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Licious Meat and Seafood (Pune) review

Review Time for a Meat and Seafood delivery service this time.

Licious is the name my friends.

We started using the licious service since last two months. They provide chicken, mutton and sea food. This service is new here in this part of Pune. Available in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Noida, Faridabad and Delhi as well.

So many times it happens that we are in a mood for non-veg delicacies but we don’t have the time or mood to venture out and get these cuts (especially in this Monsoon season).

And if you are having guests at your place, there’s already so much to do……Well here is an app!!!! Along with all types of chicken, mutton and Sea-food, Licious is providing ready-to-cook starters of chicken, fish and even prawns (which can be prepared in your-choice-of-healthy-oil).

licious products collage

So let’s start:

What they Claim:

My question no. 1: How is the chicken better than other vendors? The chicken is devoid of antibiotics and growth promoting hormones . 2. Is the Meat Halal? Yes. Licious meat is Halal certified. 3. How does Licious maintain the meat’s freshness? From procurement to delivery, we have a stringent and robust cold chain in place, which holds our products between 1⁰-4⁰ Celsius. This ensures that the meat is always fresh till it reaches you. So their FAQ section is quiet good. Please check it out.

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Early Foods Ragi Choco Jaggery cookies Review

This post is a part of my quest for healthy snack search for Zo.

This is a travel friendly snack

In the life of Moms of Toddlers like me, it already is a big challenge as to what to feed the kids that is not harmful, full of chemicals, preservatives and stuff that we can’t even pronounce (Try Potassium Nitrate, Iso-Ascorbic Acid, Sodium metabisulfite)

Early Foods Organic Ragi Choco Jaggery Cookies and other snacks from Early foods contains organic ingredients and are devoid of chemicals. I also liked the fact that it contains a mix of dry fruit powders.

Early Foods Organic Ragi Choco Jaggery Cookies
Early Foods Organic Ragi Choco Jaggery Cookies
Early Foods Organic Ragi Choco Jaggery Cookies
Organic Ragi Choco Jaggery Cookies

So coming to the Ingredients and price:-

What it claims:

Recommended for little ones who are ready for all grains & nuts. Best if they have 1-2 teeth to chew. If not, you can always dip in milk to help them bite.

These cookies are made from organically certified whole Ragi, Organic Jaggery, Indian grown cacao powder, superior quality dry fruits & seeds that add natural vitamin and mineral supplements to your child’s diet. 

Contains ~14 pieces.

Why Moms love Early Foods:

  • Made from ancient Indian Super Foods
  • We make really small batches of food each day. So you can always feed super fresh meals.
  • Grandma inspired recipes, simple, healthy with minimal processing
  • No Sugar or salt. 
  • No Preservatives, colours or artificial flavours. All Natural
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Timios Zookers Animal Shaped Biscuits with Cherry Bits (12+ months) Review

Good Snack Idea

Healthy quick Snacks

For Me, there is always a dearth of good easy snack ideas for kids

Also, it takes a lot of time to think about yummy and healthy snacks to make

The ones we get in the market are full of additives, preservatives,  leavening Agents, Emulsifiers and made in palmolein oil.

My 15 months old daughter loves to nibble on biscuits, crackers and junk food mainly due to teething i guess?. Hence, my search for quick and healthy snack ideas started and i chanced upon Timios snacks on bigbasket.

In the life of Moms of Toddlers like me, it already is a big challenge as to what to feed the kids that is not harmful, full of additives and preservatives.

Timios, is that ray of hope in my MomOfZo life, and i really wish It really is what it claims.

This is the first post on Snacks / food items that my lo and myself will try and review.

How much?

150gms for 160/- INR

Shelf Life : 9 months

Product Description:

Timios Zookers Animal Shaped Biscuit with Cherry Bits come in a big box containing 4 packets . The box says:

Play & Learn Finger Food


Zookers are made with simple wholesome ingredients keeping the appetite of your little ones in mind. No additives, no colouring – our Zookers are enriched with natural fruits and vegetables.


Our Zookers make for a delicious snack between meals that your bundle of joy, can thoroughly enjoy

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Maggi Magic Cubes Review

I love Spices, different kinds, of different origins. Spices play the main role in the art of cooking. Be it Soups, or curries or non vegetarian gravy, Spices can make it or break it. And if you have something as versatile as a maggi magic cube , then you are sorted. (I strictly use it sparingly nowadays)

This is an Updated Review of Maggi Magic Cubes, the Last one i wrote was 5 yrs back and this is what my current experience is.

My Experience is a mixed one of both Positive and Negative sides.

What it claims:

With MAGGI Magic Cubes, you can cook the smart way while adding that mouth-watering flavor to your meals. That’s not all; as you crumble a MAGGI Magic cube into your dish, your curries, biryani and even non-vegetarian dishes turn rich and delicious in no time.

Available in two exciting flavors – Vegetarian Masala and Chicken. It is time for you to don the Chef’s hat at home

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