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Chicken Lasagna from scratch – Indian Masala- My Style


What I love about this lasagna is making homemade noodles.  It is much easier than it seems and you don’t even need a pasta machine.

This recipe is for a general pasta noodle, so it can be used to make ravioli as well.

This recipe tastes very Indian masala like 😀 (I sometimes use the butter chicken sauce for layering )

Super easy and very filling dish that is very very versatile. Add or subtract veggies or meat according to your choice or availability and it will taste awesome always.

Add Salsa or bechamel sauce or your favorite homemade sauce and own this recipe, make it yours. Nom nom nom…..

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Cabaret Restaurant (Baner, Pune) Review

I had bookmarked this restaurant and after reading some 1200+ reviews and a 4/5 rating, we had to go check this place out. So we decided to have breakfast here and i think it was a bad choice because the mood and the vibes were not very welcoming. Very slow service, also, some items were not available. The reason for so many mixed reviews might be because Cabaret is open from 9 am on weekends for breakfast but the major action may be happening in the evenings only. For breakfast, only a few items are available and that also comes on the table after quiet a lot of waiting.

restaurant front


Very easy to locate, this restautrant is on the main road.

Ground Floor, Aspirations, Baner Road, Baner, Pune

Dining Type : Casual

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Homestyle Chicken Vegetable Soup for the hungry soul

Who doesn’t love curling up with a hot bowl of soup and a delightful book(or may be binge watch Netflix) in Monsoon. Super easy and absolutely made from scratch chicken soup that needs just 30 minutes from stove to table. Vegetables like Shredded Carrots, cabbage, broccoli, mushroom, peas or baby corn can be added for more flavor. This recipe is very very versatile and super easy. I prefer the thigh pieces of chicken.

This one is a healthy, yummy and very comforting soup if you are fighting cough and cold.

Chicken Soup

A very simple chicken soup recipe that can be tweaked to make a meal by adding noodles, pasta noodles or rice.

Makes 4 servings

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Chicken Croquettes |How to make Chicken nuggets at home


Chicken Croquettes are very simple to make. These can be made one day before a party and is an awesome appetizer.

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