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Stuffed Dates | Tamar

Stuffed Dates can be made in numerous ways and as party favors, dessert, mouth freshener, a topping on dessert, can even be served with tea, or snacks or packed in tiffin, for travel and would be an amazing dish for a sweet table. So Put on your creative hats and get ready.

stuffed dates
Mix of Nutella and chocolate filled dates with Almonds and pistachios

Stuffed dates are very healthy for toddlers and adults alike. Protein packed and full of flavors. Undoubtedly my favorite healthy snack for toddlers( the ones without the whole dry fruit), and it is definitely a better option than giving a piece of candy or chocolate.

These Stuffed dates are super easy to make and very very versatile. These can be tweaked according to your mood or time or event or purpose.

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