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Licious Meat and Seafood (Pune) review

Review Time for a Meat and Seafood delivery service this time. Review for Licious serving in Pune.

Licious is the name my friends. Licious app and Licious website

We started using the licious service since last two months. They provide chicken, mutton and sea food. This service is new here in this part of Pune. Available in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Noida, Faridabad and Delhi as well.

So many times it happens that we are in a mood for non-veg delicacies but we don’t have the time or mood to venture out and get these cuts (especially in this Monsoon season).

And if you are having guests at your place, there’s already so much to do……Well here is an app!!!! Along with all types of chicken, mutton and Sea-food, Licious is providing Kebabs, ready-to-cook starters of chicken, fish and even prawns (which can be prepared in your-choice-of-healthy-oil) and some very delicious spreads.

licious products collage

So let’s start:

What they Claim:

My question no. 1: How is the chicken better than other vendors? The chicken is devoid of antibiotics and growth promoting hormones . 2. Is the Meat Halal? Yes. Licious meat is Halal certified. 3. How does Licious maintain the meat’s freshness? From procurement to delivery, we have a stringent and robust cold chain in place, which holds our products between 1⁰-4⁰ Celsius. This ensures that the meat is always fresh till it reaches you. So their FAQ section is quiet good. Please check it out.

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