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Sweet corn soup | Best corn soup recipe

Sweetcorn Soup

My favorite season Monsoon is here and corn is available in abundance. Warm and comforting sweet corn soup is pure delight in this chilly weather.

Most Simple Sweet corn soup recipe

It is a very versatile soup, you can add carrots, beans, cabbage, spring onion, peas or boiled and shredded chicken.Just saute the veggies or chicken in a pan with some butter and add to the soup and its all yum and heavenly.

Easiest recipe of sweet corn soup

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Homestyle Chicken Vegetable Soup for the hungry soul

Who doesn’t love curling up with a hot bowl of soup and a delightful book(or may be binge watch Netflix) in Monsoon. Super easy and absolutely made from scratch chicken soup that needs just 30 minutes from stove to table. Vegetables like Shredded Carrots, cabbage, broccoli, mushroom, peas or baby corn can be added for more flavor. This recipe is very very versatile and super easy. I prefer the thigh pieces of chicken.

This one is a healthy, yummy and very comforting soup if you are fighting cough and cold.

Chicken Soup

A very simple chicken soup recipe that can be tweaked to make a meal by adding noodles, pasta noodles or rice.

Makes 4 servings

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Maggi Magic Cubes Review

I love Spices, different kinds, of different origins. Spices play the main role in the art of cooking. Be it Soups, or curries or non vegetarian gravy, Spices can make it or break it. And if you have something as versatile as a maggi magic cube , then you are sorted. (I strictly use it sparingly nowadays)

This is an Updated Review of Maggi Magic Cubes, the Last one i wrote was 5 yrs back and this is what my current experience is.

My Experience is a mixed one of both Positive and Negative sides.

What it claims:

With MAGGI Magic Cubes, you can cook the smart way while adding that mouth-watering flavor to your meals. That’s not all; as you crumble a MAGGI Magic cube into your dish, your curries, biryani and even non-vegetarian dishes turn rich and delicious in no time.

Available in two exciting flavors – Vegetarian Masala and Chicken. It is time for you to don the Chef’s hat at home

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